Breast Lift

Houston, Pearland, Sugar Land, Friendswood, Texas

As you age, your breasts will naturally sag. When combined with factors like smoking, weight loss, and pregnancy and nursing, your breasts may lose perkiness at a much faster rate. The end result is often a feeling of unattractiveness or feeling old before your time. Through a breast lift procedure at The Plastic Surgery Institute of Southeast Texas, youthfulness can be restored to your breasts, enhancing feelings of desirability and self-confidence.

When you come to us for a breast lift, Dr. Leo Lapuerta will carefully assess your entire body. He has years of experience performing breast lift procedures and can reshape your breasts so that they have a youthful shape, firmness, and position while appearing natural. He will listen to your cosmetic goals in terms of shape and size to help you decide whether a breast lift with or without implants will best help you achieve those goals.

Breast Lift Procedure

Dr. Lapuerta will begin your breast lift procedure by making a small incision around your nipple or underneath your breast. Using great care, he will reshape and couture your breasts and reposition your nipple to a higher, more appealing position. Excess skin is removed from both your breasts and areola before the incision is closed and bandages are applied.

Women with smaller breasts often decide to have breast augmentation done in conjunction with a breast lift. If you and Dr. Lapuerta decide this is most suited to you, the implants will be placed during your breast lift surgery. For women with larger breasts, Dr. Lapuerta may recommend a breast reduction procedure along with your breast lift. Like breast augmentation, this procedure will be performed at the same time as your breast lift surgery. No matter the combination of procedures, the goal is shapely, proportionate breasts.

The entire process generally takes anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours, and depends greatly on your needs. Recovery time will be extended if you combine your breast lift with another breast enhancement procedure. On its own, the recovery time for a breast lift is very short.

During the first two weeks of your recovery, you may notice some swelling, redness, and mild discomfort around the surgical area. By reducing strenuous physical exercise and taking mild prescription pain relievers, this discomfort should be greatly reduced. During your recovery period, you will need to wear compression garments supplied by Dr. Lapuerta to help reduce swelling and help your breasts maintain their new shape. Most breast lifts are completely healed after four weeks.

If you live in or around Houston, Pearland, Sugar Land, or Friendswood, Texas and are interested in learning more about breast lift surgery, please contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lapuerta at The Plastic Surgery Institute of Southeast Texas to schedule your initial consultation today.